We help families discover how to be curious and imagine together. Each kit includes one open-ended toy, one unique hardback book, and three diverse activities that are sure to please all of the personalities in your family.

            We search near and far for high-quality and sustainable items from a variety of trusted toy manufacturers and publishers. Then, our team of real-life experts – teachers and homeschool moms – dream up unique activities that incorporate Learning-in-Disguise ideas that dial-up the fun and educational benefits in each kit. The result is one seriously entertaining kit that sparks the imagination, provides a surprising amount of learning for ages two through early elementary, and fresh play ideas that your kids will return to together again and again.


            We believe parents are naturally a vital source of knowledge for their kids, so each kit also comes with our Learning-in-Disguise Guide. The guide is designed to come alongside you, the parent, with a wide variety of unique learning-through-play ideas, empowering you to engage intentionally with your kids on subjects like math, language, social studies, art, science, and more.

Siblings are important too! Every subject covered in our guide is scaleable to the personal development of each of your kids. No two kids are the same, so we span the early education spectrum with our content and notes for siblings! Let your two year old bookworm read along with your five year old, or watch your six year old teach your four year old a newly mastered concept. Our guide will help you encourage and instigate sibling engagement.

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            Hi! I’m Ashley, a mom of three and the founder of CurioKit Co. As my kids have grown out of the baby stages, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to sort through the millions of early childhood activities, toys, and books out there to find the ones that my kids will enjoy and benefit from the most. After attempting one too many activities that involved 5 minutes of my kids playing happily and 20 minutes of cleanup by me afterwards, I decided there had to be a better way. What I wanted was someone to curate educational play ideas for my kids to do together that were not only full of learning opportunities and obsessively fun, but also able to adapt to their constantly changing levels of development so they could return to them again and again. And voila! CurioKit Co. was born.