What is CurioKit Co.?

 CurioKit Co. is a unique subscription service that sends curiosity-inducing kits for your kids straight to your doorstep. Each kit is designed to help families be curious and imagine together.

What’s Inside?

Each CurioKit revolves around one imaginative theme that ties all the contents together.
Inside, you’ll find:

  • A high-quality toy
  • A unique hardback book
  • Three diverse activities, designed to please all the personalities in your family.

Every kit includes 99% of the items you’ll need to complete the activities and has enough supplies for at least 3 kids. The best part? Most of our activities can be used over and over again! We avoid one-use activities that generate large amounts of waste for 5 minutes of fun.

The accompanying “Learning-in-Disguise” Map & Guide gives plenty of prompts and ideas for how to get the most out of each item you find inside, and help encourage thoughtful conversation and hands-on learning along the way.

What age is it for?

CurioKits are designed with 2-6 year olds in mind, but siblings both older and younger have been known to join in the fun!

What sorts of themes will we encounter in our kits?

Themes are intentionally a little mysterious and vary widely from month to month to keep your kids curious what might come next! From cultural to scientific, artistic to historical, our goal is to expose kids to the widest variety of subjects possible so that they can discover new things to be fascinated by. And you can help them cultivate a wider range of interests to add to the typical fire trucks and princesses!

Upcoming 2021 season themes include:

  • The Aspiring Aeronaut’s CurioKit
  • What’s Growing in my CurioKit?
  • Crouching Tiger CurioKit
  • Ew, Gross! A Germ-Infested CurioKit
  • And more…
Will one kit be enough for multiple kids?

Yes! We’re one of the only subscription kits for kids that’s designed with families in mind. Each kit comes with enough supplies for at least 3 kids to participate together and suggestions for incorporating older and younger siblings into the fun.

Can I send a CurioKit as a gift?

Yes! Beyond our initial pre-sale phase, CurioKits can only be purchased as subscriptions, but you can cancel at any time! You’ll receive an email reminder prior to being charged for your renewal, in case you forget. Just check “This is a gift” at checkout to be able to enter your gift recipient’s information.

What does your development process look like?

We search near and far for unique, high-quality and sustainable toys and books from a variety of trusted toy manufacturers and publishers. Next, we pair a book and toy together from our curated list and give the set an imaginative theme. Then, our team of real-life experts – teachers and homeschool moms – dream up unique activities that incorporate embedded learning tactics that dial-up the fun and educational benefits in each kit.

We work hard to ensure every kit design will appeal to a wide range of ages. Each design features scalable learning experiences that benefit a variety of developmental stages through open-ended play and books that can be read a variety of ways, depending on your child’s interests and temperament. As your child grows and develops, you’ll be able to pull kits back out and revisit toys and activities with new interest as you rediscover it through another developmental level of learning and fun!

Toys sourced from makers such as:
Green Toys
Hape Toys
JB Wood Design Custom Toys

And books from publishers like:
Lonely Planet Kids
Hachette Book Group
Usborne Books

How much does it cost?

The cost is $60 per month when you sign up for a standard monthly renewal. Scaled discounts are available when you pre-pay 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. Shipping is always free!

When will packages ship?

Packages will ship on the 20th of each month, with the exception of December which will always ship with an ETA prior to Christmas Day.

When will I be renewed/billed?

You will be billed upon purchasing your initial subscription. All future renewals will occur on the 20th of each month, when packages are shipped.

Why a subscription service?

Because it’s the most sustainable, practical way to get kits into kids hands! By signing up for monthly deliveries, you’re guaranteed to get the full CurioKit experience. While we’ve considered offering kits a la cart or allowing parents to choose their kit themes, we also 100% believe in every single kit design and its ability to engage any child’s imagination equally. We’re also a small family-run business and having some gauge on monthly orders helps us keep our costs down and our quality up!

How do I cancel?

Log in to your account and click on the subscriptions tab. You will be able to adjust your subscription there.

I can’t sign into my account. Where can I get help?

Customer Service is available 9am-9pm CST every day by email at curiokitco@gmail.com or by phone at (615) 997-0763.


Customer Service is available 9am-9pm CST every day by email at curiokitco@gmail.com or by phone at (615) 997-0763.